Rev. Dr. Jan Schnell (she/her) and Seminarian Kathryn Thompson (she/they) are the co-creators of Queer Confirmation. Together, Jan and Kathryn are personally motivated and professionally equipped, established, and connected across multiple stakeholder communities (, Wartburg Seminary, Proclaim of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries, JustChurch, Society of Christian Ethics, North American Academy of Liturgy). Queer Confirmation is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Jan Schnell, an avid advocate, ally, and activist for the Queer community, has developed and taught two summers of weekly Queering Theology seminars, facilitated the development of multiple Queer liturgies, and is the parent of an extraordinary Queer teen. Schnell has studied pedagogies of the oppressed and lauds the work of bell hooks and Paulo Fiere.

A future pastor in the final stages of formation for ministry, Kathryn Thompson, identifies as Queer themself. Kathryn spent a decade in secondary education as an English teacher, where she frequently wrote and developed their own classroom curriculum. While teaching full time, Kathryn also served as a Director of Children, Youth, and Family ministries for both UCC and ELCA churches and directed a summer feeding program for area children and youth. 

Jan is the Project Coordinator and Kathryn is the Lead Editor of the curriculum. Both wonderful humans will also be leading the beta group as they continue to support and co-conspire to buoy queer youth into empowerment in their lives of faith. 

BUT, what makes Queer Confirmation unique?

We have 65+ contributors for this incredible, Spirit-driven curriculum! These contributors are extraordinary Queer leaders throughout the ELCA, including pastors, deacons, and seminarians. 

A list of contributing authors will be coming soon!