Rev. Dr. Yolanda Denson-Byers


Female, Black, and Queer

I am a female, black, and queer Senior Pastor in Minnesota always working to dismantle homophobia/transphobia in our world!

Bishop Brenda Bos


queer, white, lesbian

I am the first openly lesbian bishop elected in the ELCA. I am the second queer person elected bishop in the Southwest California Synod.

Rev. Lamont Anthony Wells


African Descent Pan-Sexual

I am committed to the freedom and liberation of all oppressed populations, and I especially live to bring glory to God.

Rev. Sara Funkhouser



I am a solo pastor trying to bridge the space between the queer and Christian communities.  I’m passionate about listening to peoples’ stories, sharing the unconditional love of God, and playing in a queer kickball league! 

Rev. Bergen Eickhoff


Bisexual, Nonbinary, European Descent

Bergen Eickhoff lives into the weirdness and wildness of Lutheran faith in the Pacific Northwest, leading discussion groups and classes in Queer Theology and participating in the flourishing LGBTQIA+ culture of Western Washington. 

Rev. Caleb Crainer



I am an out, gay, pastor and tuba player!

Deacon Alyssa Prinzivalli


I am a Minister of Word and Service (Deacon), who strives every day to live out the beautiful, inclusive nature of the Kin-dom of God.

Professor Pace C. Warfield


trans nonbinary, trans woman, queer, white, disabled, neurodivergent (AuDHD)

I am a PhD candidate, podcaster, and public theologian who teaches, writes, and podcasts on queer theology and Reformation history.

Deacon Ross Murray


white gay man

I am an LGBTQ advocate who also works in LGBTQ youth ministry.

Rev. Jaz Bowen-Waring


White-Latinx, queer, nonbinary, transmasc, living with chronic illness

I am a former evangelical kid’s pastor, turned queer Lutheran rabble-rouser! 

Ian Heseltine


I am queer/gay

I am passionate about connecting with young folks, and finding ways for them to share their gifts with the wider church.

Rev. Bridget Gautieri


lesbian, butch, queer

I am a pastor working in Global Mission as the Coordinator of the ELCA Wittenberg Center.

Rev. Dr. Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero


Gay cis-male Caucasian in a same-gender marriage with an first-generation Asian-American

I am a theological educator with a PhD in liturgical studies and systematic theology with additional training in educational technology and am an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

Rev. Amalia Vagts


bisexual, female, Northern European descent

Second career pastor with a passion for Gospel freedom, joy, and dancing.

Charlotte Trent


White, Queer, Non-binary

I am a social work graduate student who has a background in hospital chaplaincy and outdoor ministry.

The Rev. Troy E. Medlin


I am a gay man. I was born with mild cerebral palsy and so that has always informed my own relationship with my body.

I spent a lot of my growing up years in non-affirming church spaces so can relate deeply to how important this work is.

Ms. Vica-Etta Henrietta Steel


I am a woman, Queer, Lesbian, and Transgender. 

I am a Queer Street chaplain and preacher, publicly naming love and joy as core values across faiths in a ministry of uplift and healing

Rev., Dr. Charlene Rachuy Cox


I am a cisgender woman, in love with and married to a woman.

I am a pastor serving in a specialized call, passionate about storytelling and story-listening, vocation and discernment, with advanced degrees in preaching, worship, and spirituality.

Rev. Emma Grinde



I am a first call pastor who is trying to stay awake to the sacredness all around us and work with others to cultivate spaces of belonging in and outside the church.

Rev. Bradley E. Schmeling


Cisgender, Gay, white

I’m a pastor who has been out as queer for most of my ministry.

Rev. Preston C. Fields


I am a southern Appalachian living in the Midwest. I am a proud papa, a happy husband, and a Lutheran Pastor 

Before I was a pastor, I received a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee and worked for ten years as the Director of Community Engagement at Maryville College. 

Rev. Elle Dowd


queer, bisexual, femme, gender queer, disabled, neurodivergent, abolitionist 

Elle has pieces of their heart in Sierra Leone, where their two children were born, and in St. Louis where they learned from the radical, queer, Black leadership during the Ferguson Uprising.

K. Tazuko Marciales


Queer, Yon-sei (4th gen) Japanese-American

Rev. Tamara Siburg


Asexual Bi-romantic

I am a solo pastor serving my first call after receiving my Masters of Divinity from Wartburg Theological Seminary. I have a passion to advocate and educate myself and others on topics of social and climate justice while sharing and showing God’s love for all of creation (which includes all people).

Patrick Preacher


gay/queer, cis male

I am a former classical musician (oboe) who discovered the true depths of God’s love in Christ for the queer community and cannot stop talking about it!

The Rev. Matthew D. O’Rear


Male, Gay, Married, Lutheran Christian, White, Cisgender, Land owning

I serve as a Lutheran Pastor in Atlanta, Georgia, where I lead a vibrant, inclusive community dedicated to spreading the message of God’s all-embracing love. Additionally, I am a proud, openly gay man, fortunate to be married to my husband, Jay.

Rev. Marissa Sotos


cis, white, lesbian, queer

I am a queer pastor who became a Lutheran in my early twenties and works in liturgy/worship.

Emily Ronsberg


white, queer, able-bodied

I am a seminary student who finds God in the holy mystery of our interconnected relationships with one another and all of creation.

Miranda Searcy


2Spirit, bi-sexual

I am a seminarian who is interested in the intersectionality between queer, indigenous and Lutheran theologies.

Daniel Sigmon


Gay (cis-gender, white male)

I am an MDiv seminarian that has worked in churches as musician, worship leader, and support staff for 25 years. 

Rev. Janet Parker


Queer, lesbian, cisgender

I am a queer pastor in the United Church of Christ, with a Ph.D. In Christian Ethics, and I am a volunteer leader in EcoFaith Recovery working at the intersection of climate justice and racial justice.

Rev. Carla Christopher


Queer, Lesbian, Adrenally Intersex, Woman, Multiethnic Black (African, Spanish, Romani, Creole, German)

I am a youth and family case manager turned Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging trainer and community organizer turned youth minister & redeveloper then justice coordinator. I studied Psychology and Education and have my MDiv and am currently pursuing my DMin in Congregational Vitality. 

Liz Dinkins 



I’m passionate about creativity, gardening, and the pairing of authentic life in ministry. 

Brittney Shipman



I am a seminarian going on to become a mental health therapist.

Sommer L. Loar


Queer, Non-Binary, Neurodivergent (ADHD)

I am a queer and non-binary seminarian who has been harmed by Church, and deconstructed my way back to faith, through Christ. I am earning my MDIV and I am a Director of Youth Formation for Middle School and High School.

Breck Cogswell


lesbian woman

I am a seminary student and future pastor who is fascinated by the radical welcome of the gospel, the power of the arts in worship, the beauty of mortality, and the intergenerational nature of the church.

Rachel McWhirter


Child of God, Queer, Sapphic, Texan

I am the Director of Digital Ministry at my home congregation in Houston and the Media Producer for the nonprofit Bach Society Houston. B.A. in Digital Media from SCAD, pursuing my MADM at Wartburg Theological Seminary. Passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, social justice, music, and connection. I also love adventures, my dog Buckaroo, thrifting, and creating.

AJ Olson


I’m a queer seminarian with experience in worship and liturgy, with a passion for making our practices and spaces welcoming and open for everyone.

Rev. Chelsea Globe


As a parish pastor, I loved writing and teaching confirmation curriculum! Now as a campus ministry pastor, I lead similar discussions from a queer lens on Bible stories, Luther’s Small Catechism, and more.

Daniel Kirschbaum


Queer, non-binary person

I’m a seminarian, youth and young adult ministry leader and consultant for ministries in their welcome and leadership. 

Brittany Barkus


female, queer, lesbian

I am a recent seminary graduate who has also been trained as an educator and musician.

Rev. Robyn Hartwig

She/Her or They/Them


I am a queer Lutheran pastor married to a queer United Church of Christ pastor, and we both work to equip faith leaders for climate justice through EcoFaith Recovery.

River Cook Needham


Rev. Jason R. Churchill


queer/gay, white, male

I am currently pursuing a doctorate that delves into the utilization of extracanonical texts within the congregation to uncover our Christian heritage, liberate our churches and their leadership, and pave a path toward embodying Jesus’ teachings in contemporary times. My focus revolves around exploring gender and queer intersections within these texts, with a particular passion for The Thunder, Perfect Mind.

Rev. Josh Evans


queer/gay, male, white

I am a queer pastor serving a small congregation in Upstate New York with a passion for shaping creative and meaningful liturgies and preaching moments.

Rev. Paul M.C. Eldred


I am a pastor who specializes in liturgy and worship, Biblical studies, and working with the LGBTQIA+ community

Rev. Jason Chesnut


white, cis-hetero male primarily of Irish and French descent

I love stories, especially Bible stories. I learn them by heart and tell them, which is how most of the early Church experienced stories in their oral culture. I’m looking forward to being a part of this project!

Rachel Geddes 


Queer / Neurodivergent 

I am formed and inspired by worship in nature, spirituality, womanist theology, community, and time spent with my feet in the dirt. I now serve as a pastoral assistant and have certificates in Food, Faith, Environmental Justice, and Faith-Based Community Organizing. 

Rev. Reed Fowler


I am a pastor and textile artist, with a focus on congregational and pastoral care. 

Rev. Emily E. Ewing 


Queer, transgender, nonbinary, agender, neurodivergent, white, bisexual

I combine creativity, nerdery, and justice into my call and competently serve bilingually in Spanish and English.

Kathryn Thompson



I am passionate about sacred listening, transformation, and creativity and find grounding in Creation, poetry, and worship.

Anna K. Johnson



A Lutheran pastor’s kid, I’m now active in Mennonite churches and movements. My experience as an ELCA YAGM (young adult in global mission) in Jerusalem altered my trajectory entirely. I am now pursuing a PhD in sociology and peace studies and am dedicated to the liberation of Palestine.

Rev. Jess Harren 


Queer and Disabled

I am a queer disabled Pastor who serves a congregation of queer disabled folks, many of whom are Transgender, Autistic and/or ADHD.

Rev. Kristian C. Kohler


gay man, follower of Jesus, child of God

I am a Ph.D. student in liturgical studies at the Boston University School of Theology, I try my best to be a faithful and fabulous pastor, and I have a song for every occasion!

Dr. Sarah E. MacDonald


queer/lesbian, white, cisgender, able-bodied… for now!

I’m a teacher and a facilitator with a passion for creating inclusive spaces and fostering dialogue. I love to learn and to support others in their learning journeys.

Rev., Dr. Matta Ghaly


I am an ordained pastor, educator, and coach 

Rev. Christina Johnson


Lesbian, demi-girl, able-bodied, neuro-typical, caucasian, ELCA Lutheran 

I passionate about inclusivity and accessibility in the Church. I’m called to lead, preach and do pastoral care. 

Mark Sedio



I am a church musician (organist, composer, choral conductor) with a graduate degree in music and graduate study in the areas of worship, theology and liturgy.